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            “After 8 days I regained the mobility of my legs ...”


          “It helps strengthen the immune system and the human side...”


            “It's the only one able to control me...”

My dear Doctor, this time I write only to thank you and tell you we're very happy. My husband had been suffering for several years from the stomach with the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, in his analysis made in March this year in his native country of Spain the results came out negative. In April I had a check up in SOLCA because last year they detected human papillomavirus, my Pap Test was negative and the cells in my uterus are normal, the doctors asked me to perform DNA testing to see if the virus has disappeared completely, as for the fibroids I had in the uterus most have disappeared, only two small cysts are left but very tiny, clearly seen on the ultrasound, and with regard to my Irritable Bowel I have felt much better, and barely feel discomfort.
Thanks to all of you who work researching the plants to help all humanity, and a big hug to you especially my Doctor. Many blessings
B. G.

First I am very grateful to God for having created this wonderful plant and people like the Dr. who thanks to their dedication and research help people like me go through my stage of chemotherapy and radiotherapy without major complications. I sincerely hope that God in His infinite goodness bless you and give you more wisdom. I would like, if possible, to expand the information on the doses to be taken in each case, I was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in 4 axillary left nodes, with a probable breast origin that was never confirmed. Actually, doctors say that my case is a question mark, but I know it was God who healed me and that one of its instruments was BIRM.
Thank you.

Dear Dr. Cevallos:
I am writing this short letter first to show my great admiration for you as a scientist, researcher and as a great human being who has proved in his ongoing struggle to discover and then publicize worldwide, your wonderful scientific discovery, BIRM . Second, to thank God who has put you on my life, and in my hands this hope of life that is your medicine. After hearing about the existence of BIRM® and the amazing results of this medication in patients very close to our family, one with throat cancer with a tumor that completely disappeared and another case of a young woman who has cancer spread to several organs and had no hope from the doctors that she could survive, began to take BIRM and in just two months all tumors are shrinking and appear INACTIVE. Thus, I am totally convinced of the effectiveness of BIRM. I have also been taking it for a couple of weeks with great hope and great faith in God.
The dose I am taking for the first three months are: 3 ml three times daily with meals.
A big hug from Miami.

Please receive my regards, I don’t know if you remember me. I have had Lupus over 40 years and have been taking BIRM for 7 years. You have seen me a few times mostly for prescribing the product according to the problems I have had, this year I visited you and I have been well.
The reason for this letter is to request your help, if you can, I know your Company ECUABIRM must have a sales department. Let me know if you can help me to sell and market BIRM outside. I dare ask this because pharmacies are not selling it anymore and say that is sold out.
About 2 months ago Dr. Nelson Maldonado invited me to his radio program to talk in Radio Eres 93.3 about Lupus and what's keeping me painless and with my ulcers healed, and he authorized me to speak about BIRM, and you can’t imagine the reception of the program, since he told me to give my email, and people started to write and request data on it, and the truth is that I have great faith, after God your research about it helps me a lot.
Thanks in advance for reading this and please let me know if I can do something to become a loyal saleswoman knowingly for this wonderful product.
María S